domingo, 2 de novembro de 2008


o que estava prometido á muito tempo....

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Adomnán disse...

Adoro!!!! Gosto quando fazes coisas de que não estou à espera :D

Rute disse...

Esta muitíssimo bom! Mesmo!

Rita disse...

Gosto do umbigo !Gosto!

GotchyaYinYang disse...

SOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!!!

Anónimo disse...

Oh little sad thing, what is your purpose?
Picking you with nails.. Imagine, pff.. like you could hurt us..

Why all the pain, and why all the suffer?
Stabbing you in, so deep right under..

Nail after nail, stab after stab
Till you're bleeding and all you feel is sad..

It hurts a lot, so deep inside
All over your body, you just wanna cry..

And the pain keeps getting stronger
Until one day, you feel no longer..

You're deep down under, in a giant well
Feeling miserable and lonely, you're life is an hell..

All perforated, can barely recognize you
You're feelings got dried, except the dream of hugging.. who?..

The one that pins me off, the one that will love me all,
The one that will make me no longer feel, like a little, sad voodoo doll..


Firefly disse...


Anónimo disse...

Stitching him over and over again
Frustration, desperation, what a horrible day..

He doesn't bleed! Maybe with another nail
No reaction, he no longer feels.. No suffer, no pain..

So used to those shiny objects, those sparks
Illusions, dreams, they all crumble, they all fall apart..

Keeps smiling, like there's nothing wrong
Making everyone believe he is tough and so strong..

Time goes, pain goes, love goes.. What's left?
Nothing! Just a pile of clutter, lost in his chest..

The emotions dried, the goals collapsed
The ideas, all his life, all caught into a trap..

Yet, he keeps smiling.. Not a single drop
No tears, no sad face, no rhythm, it stopped..

Why? There's no blood! Yet, another stab
Killed hope, his light, his soul, his fight..

Still smiling, the last shine in his eye on a tear that falls
No presence, he's gone, that sad little voodoo doll..