quinta-feira, 21 de agosto de 2008

1º Vida com sentido 2º Heart II (today)

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GotchyaYinYang disse...

Muito bons Firefly! Adoro as cores.

Rute disse...

Hmmm. Tenho de ver isto ao vivo!

Papiro papirus disse...

Está mesmo giro!!

Tiago Reis disse...

Amazing!!! :D

Ivan Figueiras disse...

Bem, estes são algo de novo! Adoro, especialmente o primeiro, com o bicho /lagarta fofinho/a! E tal como a Marisa, adoro as cores, mesmo!

Ana Pena disse...

Ai merda, adorei estes!

Anónimo disse...

It's a sunny, cozy day
A warm breeze, touching on your face, as you go away

Walking on the road, with your eyes wide open
Watching every step, every single moment

The fear of falling down is enormous, so big
You're tired of being there, of walking on your knees

You stop, you rest against a tree
Close your little eyes, just sounds, you don’t want to see

What's that beautiful magical tone?
You wonder, you feel it, you know you're not alone

Eyes open again, lost in the magic
Forgot the wounded heart, the awesome consumed the tragic

You float, you're sustaining in the air
Enchanted by the moment, not a drop of despair

This is so good! You say it, extasiated
Consumed by that rush of feelings, so inebriated

Planing, around a mist of goals
Ideas, many dreams, illusions and hopes

There, on the high, you can't get down
Going on and on, in that mystic big white cloud

The sun, still shines, yellow, orange
The soft, gentle wind shaking the brown foliage

Still lost, protected from the pain, the end has no when
*Sigh* I guess you are under the spell again..